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The Internet for College Students

How the Internet is beneficial to College Students Living in an age of detachable laptops, wifi and the internet has made it extremely accessible to succeed in all of my studies as a first-year university student. Everyday life as a college student revolves around...

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Venmo: Payment Sharing Made Easy

Venmo: An emoji-filled experience    It’s a common scenario: You’re out to dinner with your friends, everyone orders an entree, maybe a drink (or two or three), and probably an appetizer or two to pass around the table. Conversation flows, time...

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What is a Landing Page?

Educate Visitors, Drive Conversions; Use a Great Landing Page! A landing page is a website page designed to motivate conversions. It is typically used in conjunction with a promotion or an ad that directs visitors to your website.  The visitor is informed and educated...

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Content is King!

Content is King! (updated 2.26.17) "Content is King, Content is God!"  - Gary Vaynerchuk Defining Context The technical definition of context is the circumstances and facts that surround a situation. When it comes to content, context is the way you're publishing,...

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Authentic, Relevant and Purposeful Content

3 Elements of great Online Content What makes great online marketing content? We believe three key elements are vital to get your digital marketing content noticed. 1). Authenticity: The content reinforces the authors expertise and passions for their work. Good...

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Productivity Traits for Success

Productivity Traits for Success Just finished a great article, “Secrets of the Most Productive People,” by Benjamin Svetky in the December 2016 issue of my favorite magazine “Fast Company.”  The author interviewed well-known leaders such as  Kevin Hart (comedian),...

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Summers Over: Clean up your Online Presence

  Clean up your online presence for digital success this Fall Summer is over, vacations are past history and it is time to finish the year strong as you pursue your goals.   To get off to a good start this fall, be proactive and clean up your online presence....

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Love the Apple Magic Mouse

Love the Apple Magic Mouse!!  Bye, Bye Batteries!  Environmentally Refreshing... Nice smooth, clean surface that is ergonomically pleasing and incredibly easy to use. One, two and three finger swiping make traversing and updating your content a breeze. Several...

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Should I use a one-page or a multi-page website?

It’s time for a new website.  You have done the research and learned that one of the trends (some would argue it’s a fad) in website design is the “One Page” website.  The big question,  “Is the one page website right for your needs?”   Let’s review the differences...

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Four Steps for Improving Online Success

Four Steps for improving Online Success Are you achieving online success?  To ensure your objectives are being met, follow these four steps to measure, analyze and revise your digital marketing strategies and improve your online success.  1) MEASURE:   Use Google and...

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Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Four questions about your “Mobile” presence. Do online visitors use mobile devices to view your Social Media properties? Are you optimizing your content for a Mobile Social Media experience? Is advertising via Mobile ads right for...

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