(updated January 11, 2022)

Working From Home as a self-employed digital marketing professional, there are several lessons I have learned. Recent events are requiring more “work from home” workplaces as the business community works with health officials to stop the spread of Covid-19

Below are a few thoughts from my experience that help me productively work from home.

A Working From Home must-do list:

1) Dedicate a space in your home for work. A spare bedroom, basement, or unused dining rooms are perfect for working-from-home offices.

2) Outfit your workspace with the best equipment your budget will allow.
• A good desk and office chair
• Proper lighting
• Appropriate internet access and quality high-speed router.
• A computer with a webcam for teleconferencing. A good headset, be sure to find one that fits well and will allow for all-day usage.
• Purchase a quality copier, printer, and fax – there are plenty of 3 in 1 options that are good home office solutions.

3) Have the “talk” with family members. You need to establish ground rules for work hours. Working From Home can be a challenge for the entire family.  For the most productive office time:
• Provide options to keep your kids busy to minimize distractions
• Communicate – respectfully – about distractions. If clanking dishes and noisy household appliances are causing interruptions, work together to find compromises.
• Find a place for pets away from your workspace. Nothing ruins a conference call faster than barking dogs!

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4) Dress appropriately for the day’s events. Don’t show up for teleconference meetings looking like you just rolled out of bed. Shave, comb your hair, and put on a decent shirt or blouse.

5) Dig deep and be disciplined with your work-from-home habits. Now more than ever our economic future requires all of us to get the job done. Keep in mind if you are working with a company-provided computer your employer can monitor your activities online, so slacking off is not an option.


Whether you choose to work from home or are doing so out of necessity, you have an opportunity to enhance your career and skill set. If you are disciplined, work hard, and stay productive, more work-from-home options might be in your future.

If we can help or answer questions, feel free to reach out at solutions@cpsig.com


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