Who is Capstone! We help you sell products and services online.

CAPSTONE is a Website Design & eCommerce Firm, that uses personal interactions and data-driven strategies to build online platforms that deliver results with real, authentic, and purposeful content.


CAPSTONE is a Website Developer and Digital Marketer. We build eCommerce websites, Customer Designed Websites, Templated Websites, and other Online Platforms that deliver results.  We maintain websites and create and execute marketing programs that attract customers, drive sales and profitability.

We will help you:


Grow Sales and Profitability


Hassle-free website maintenance and support


Attract more customers for your products and services


Be your long-term, trusted partner who helps you achieve your online goals

We believe in working on long-term projects, building relationships that culminate in a successful final product, that helps our customers build on their passions and bring their dreams to life.   We use our 4L process to develop our online projects and bring them to fruition.  Capstone identifies an existing problem and develops a solution to address the problem directly.

Why Capstone? CAPSTONE is all about solving problems that provide you with a user-friendly solution.

Founder | Owner


Position: Owner | Operator
Responsibility: Operations | Developer
Experience: 25+ Years in the Business World
Email: solutions@cpsig.com
Phone: 336.638.1651

Personal Experience

Steve Brinkey started CAPSTONE in 2015 with a strong belief that we would bring the power of the web to everyone.  He brings over 25 years of Sales, Marketing and E-commerce experience to CAPSTONE. In addition to eCommerce design and development, online merchandising and promotion strategies he has helped consumer product brands develop marketing plans.

During his tenure at a major consumer apparel products company,  Steve helped build a multi-million eCommerce business. Along the way he gained experience with Fulfillment and Logistics and has helped customers find the best shipment options for their eCommerce store.

CAPSTONE develops digital marketing plans and tactics based on each client’s needs using authentic, relevant and purposeful content.

When not working on CAPSTONE you can find Steve on his bike, touring the nearby roads and trails of the Piedmont area of North Carolina. He is also an avid cook who loves exploring new culinary challenges and taste-testing unique bourbons and other beverages. He also is a fan of reading business books and fictional novels along with listening to podcasts and video casts.

If you would like to learn more about CAPSTONE and my background, please download the attached profile.


Professional Skills

  • digital strategy 85% 85%
  • Platform Development 85% 85%
  • Marketing & Promotion 90% 90%
  • Analytics & Results 65% 65%

Early Years

He started his career “carrying” a sales bag, visiting retailers throughout the Midwest and Eastern areas of the U.S.  As eCommerce was introduced to the internet, he moved inside and helped develop a multi-million dollar eCommerce business for an consumer apparel company.

Who is Capstone? Steve started CAPSTONE because he wanted to build a business that was about more than “making a number”.  He wanted to help small to medium-sized businesses and business owners who are passionate about their business bring their dreams to life.

Career History

Prior to starting CAPSTONE, he spent 25+ years at a consumer apparel company, where he held a wide range sales, marketing and eCommerce roles.  Most recently, he was in charge of a multi-million eCommerce business, responsible for its own P&L and sales and profit contributions to the companies bottom line.  He has lived in a variety of locations in Mid-West, Northeast and Southern parts of the U.S. and is no stranger to business travel.

He was responsible for all aspects of the eCommerce acquisition cycle as well as personnel and financial management. The division was charged with being self-sustaining and grew to be a top five business – based on profit returns.



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