What is Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the sibling to Search Engine Optimization. In today’s Digital Marketing world, Search Engine Marketing is most often associated with “Paid” search. If you use Google or Bing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Facebook Ads, Mobile Marketing ads or other paid Social Media tools you are utilizing Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is “unpaid” digital marketing. With SEO you are working to improve your organic search ranking on the search engines by using targeting your content that has been developed with keywords, images, videos and other content relevant to what potential customers are searching for online. There is a cost to complete the actual optimization, but you are not “paying” a search engine for a higher ranking or to get your content in front of more viewers.

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Example of Paid vs. Unpaid SEM results on Google

Paid results in the Red box, unpaid or “organic” results in the blue box.