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Wordpress vs. HTML website

WordPress is a content management system which allows users to update sites from a user friendly interface, giving even the novice user the ability to manage their websites.  With over 26% of all websites built on the WordPress the reach and power of the platform is immense.  Wordpress uses databases to store and retrieve content, HTML relies on static files. HTML requires programming skill to update a website – costly programmers add cost – while WordPress can be updated by novices.

Why use WordPress?

  • Large support community
  • Less costly to maintain – no need for costly programmers
  • Large pool of powerful themes and plugins
  • Constantly being updated with new technology
  • Full control and ownership of your website

If you want to have the freedom and control of your website and not waste money on monthly costs paying developers to add images, then WordPress is obviously the better choice.

For those who want grow their business website to make you more money, then WordPress is the way to go forward.


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