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Below are a few testimonials from our customers about our work and performance. Thanks to all of our customers for supporting C@PSTONE Signature Solutions.

Fountain Manor Homeowners Association

“Steve Brinkey at C@pstone developed the first ever website for Fountain Manor HOA.  Working with a small group of volunteers from the neighborhood he created a secure, good-looking site, which is useful for residents and informative for the public.  We found him to be a good listener and very good at explaining to those of us without any web design background how things could work.”

Julia Nile
Fountain Manor HOA
Board Member and Web Committee Chair
Greensboro, NC


KCA Recruiting

“Steve did an exceptional job for us at KCA Recruiting.  We needed a complete rebuild of our site to be competitive in a very competitive business.  He worked steadily and patiently with us as we proposed and refined concepts, graphics and general look and, feel, until we ultimately had exactly what we wanted.  Now, 6 months after the rebuild, we are gaining more business from our new site and projecting a more professional, contemporary image.”


Paul Doggett
KCA Recruiting
Greensboro, NC


Just Ladies Traveling 

“Working with Capstone has been a very pleasant and enjoyable experience for one who is “an old dog learning new tricks” when it comes to the “new world” of content management and building client relationships through websites. Steve Brinkey was patient, understandable, willing to listen and work with me to achieve my objectives. His (Capstone’s) quick response to answer questions and address my concerns as they arise is truly rare and welcome !!”

Weezie Glascock
Just Ladies Traveling
Greensboro, NC

Fortus Electic 

“Steve at C@PSTONE has been great to work with.  He reviewed all of my needs and has been clear with each step of the process.  Everything exceeded my expectations where I had them and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of opportunities that I didn’t see.  The professionalism is first class, even though the service is very warm and personable.  As I grow my business, Steve has helped me with my logo, uniforms, website, web presence, social media, and marketing direction.  My growth, in part, can be directly measured due to Steve’s efforts.  I will continue to keep C@PSTONE as part of my business operation.”


Chuck Foster
Fortus Electric
Winston-Salem, NC


Clinton Press Printing and Mailing Solutions

“Steve took the time to really learn about my business. He was very detailed oriented, carefully designing my website with the end user in mind.  He has been great with follow up and additional tweaking of my website. I would definitely use C@PSTONE again!”

Clinton Jackson
President, Clinton Press

The Quantum Group Performance Fabric Manufacturer

“In 2015 we decided it was time to discard our outdated website and start from scratch.  At first we tried to do the site internally, but it quickly became apparent that it was not going to be as easy as we first thought.  We called Capstone in to help and within a couple of weeks we started to see our site take shape in a direction that was exciting to our team.  Steve brought an outside perspective to our website with ideas that we never considered.  Steve kept us on task by meeting with us on a weekly basis and within a few weeks our site was ready to launch.  We have had many positive comments about our site and are very satisfied with the service Capstone provided to Quantum.”


Bob Benko, VP of Operations
The Quantum Group, Inc.
Colfax, NC 27235

S. Kowalski, Inc. Calibration and Repair Services

“I have been working with Steve Brinkey since May 2014 when I approached him about creating a website for my service business.  I knew nothing about websites and was unsure of what I wanted or needed.

In the beginning Steve met with me personally on several occasions to learn about my business…what I do, where I do it, who my customers are, what messages I wanted to communicate, etc. in order to formulate a website that was unique to my business.  Now, well into our working relationship, Steve continues to learn about my business world.    He has accompanied me on service calls in order to understand what I do, how I do it and to learn about those for whom I am serving.    He has also accompanied me to a professional association’s symposium in order to learn about the members (my customers) and to help improve the design of my marketing display and materials.  Steve believes in order to provide his customers with effective marketing advice and tactics, he must understand who his customers are beyond name, title and geography.       

What I appreciate the most about Steve is that he is not apprehensive about sharing his years of experience and knowledge.  Beyond the website, Steve continues to be a valuable asset to my company by educating me on marketing strategies that target specific customer groups in areas where we seek growth.    Rather than taking the shotgun approach to bringing in new business…any business, he understands and employs various methods and approaches to reach quality customers, those who fit my company’s long term goals for growth.

 Steve has a clear passion for what he does.  His willingness to fully understand his clients’ mission, goals and vision for the future help him to provide strategies that are unique to their needs.   Where his true gifts lie, however, is in his ability to help people to formulate their unique vision and areas for growth.   My experience with Steve has expanded my vision with ideas and possibilities not previously conceived.  I am truly grateful to have a long term business partner who is invested in my success.

I recommend Steve Brinkey and C@pstone Signature Solutions for those desiring unique, personalized marketing strategies for the expansion of their business.”

Stanley C. Kowalski, President
S. Kowalski, Inc.

Peak Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

“Steve is very knowledgable about his field and takes the time to research the options and guide his client in the best way to meet his/her specific marketing needs.  He works with his clients to assure the end result is a product with which they are satisfied.”

Lori Peak
Owner, Peak Rehab Physical Therapy

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