Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Four questions about your “Mobile” presence.

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Do online visitors use mobile devices to view your Social Media properties?
Are you optimizing your content for a Mobile Social Media experience?
Is advertising via Mobile ads right for your business?
What providers should  you consider for your Mobile Advertising program?

If you answered “no” to any of these question you have work to do.
Why is Mobile optimization of your content important and why should you focus resources and investment dollars on Mobile?

Consider these facts:
a)   As of  August 2014, 51% of online commerce occurred using a mobile device (Branding Brand, 9/2014)
b)  They are a multitude of platforms, aggregators and publishing sources to consider but only a couple of signature solutions stand out.   Per eMarketer, the world wide 
mobile-advertising market is currently valued at $69 billion dollars.  Google currently
 controls 35% of the market with Facebook growing fast.  Together Google and 
Facebook capture more than half of the mobile-advertising market.

Why are advertisers flocking to Facebook?  Two words are driving the appeal of Facebook’s advertising growth, “Targeting Users”.   Advertisers love the ability of online channels targeting capabilities and their ability to track results and improve their (ROAS) return on ad spend.  The economies of scale are pretty good as well, per Facebook 968 million people check their pages daily.   When you add up the benefits (targeted users, world wide reach and frequency) it is easy to understand the attraction of Facebook and it’s advertising.

Twitter and Linked In continue to grow in popularity with social media users.  Twitter has seen small but growing success with their upgraded advertising programs, but still struggles to improve growth in its user base.   Linked In, a strong networking platform for business and job seekers is working hard to expand beyond its traditional base to become more of a content driven network.

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