Keep your identity and Social Media Accounts safe from hackers and identity thieves.

How many Social Media accounts do you have? Are you protecting your Social Media accounts? In todays digital world we are connected via our computers, Apple IPads, Microsoft Surface and a variety of mobile phones. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat the average person has 8.7 Social Media accounts (source: Global Web Index).

Instantaneous Social Media access brings us closer than ever to friends and loved ones. Through the power of the internet and social media, Sarah’s grandparents in Florida can watch her dance recital in Minnesota. Tommy’s big brother stationed overseas can be part of Tommy’s first home run back in the states. We love to be connected, we enjoy the real-time access, the ability to stay in touch like never before.

But don’t be oblivious to the Social Network risks that come with the instant access. Protect your Social Media accounts from hackers and identity thieves.


11 things you can do to protect your Social Media Accounts

  1. Create a “Social Media” only email account for setting up your Social Media accounts.
  2. Use strong, randomly generated passwords for your Social Media accounts.
  3. Use unique passwords for each Social Media account.
  4. Change passwords often – once a month is recommended.
  5. Use a secure password protection service, such as Last Pass.
  6. Keep your access information to yourself – protect your identity.
  7. For business accounts, assign admin and user roles. Keep access in a safe place, accessible to appropriate staffers in the case of key employee departures.
  8. Be cautious about where you access Social Media accounts. If you must sign into your accounts in public, use secure hot spots or mobile access.
  9. Never post financial information or sensitive personal information, i.e. Social Security numbers on Social Media.
  10. If you get hacked, immediately notify family, friends and important contacts, (banks, insurance agents) from an email account that is not connected to your social media accounts.
  11. If you get hacked, contact the Social Media accounts and work with them to regain control of your accounts.

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