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Just finished a great article, “Secrets of the Most Productive People,” by Benjamin Svetky in the December 2016 issue of my favorite magazine “Fast Company.”  The author interviewed well-known leaders such as  Kevin Hart (comedian), Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Cathy Englebert (Deloitte CEO); and Woodford Reserve Master Taster, Elizabeth O’Neill.  

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The article touched on stereotypical issues busy managers face: data overload, unproductive meetings, prioritization issues.  It also went a step farther and addressed personal habits.  According to the article, they shared several traits I found quite interesting.

“Productivity should not be a competitive sport”

Cathy Engelbert
(Deloitte, CEO)

These traits included:

  1. Sleep: Although individual habits are different, all of the interviewees slept at
    least six hours every night.  No sleeping at the office or disturbing the team at 3 am!

  2. Personal Time: Whether it is visiting the gym, spending time with the kids, yoga,
    reading or watching a TV show.  Each of the leaders interviewed worked to build personal time into their schedules.
  • Technology:  They used technology to help manage their businesses but didn’t let it control their lives.


There is no doubt successful and productive people work hard, but it is refreshing to learn they also concentrate on getting enough sleep, taking time for themselves and turn off the technology when appropriate.  Want to improve your productivity?  Follow the example of these successful leaders, get enough sleep, take time for yourself and turn off the technology, when the work day is finished.

View the “Secrets of the most Productive People,”article in the December 2016 issue of Fast Company magazine. 


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