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Should you invest in an online security certificate?

A common question when developing a new website or updating a current one is:  “Should I install a security certificate – the “https” designation in the URL address – for my website?   The answer varies based on the site usage and products offered.  It is becoming more common for website developers to recommend installing certificates. Google has announced they view websites with a “https” designation more positively, which may translate to improved organic  search rankings.

Consider the following information to help you decide if you need a security certificate:
  • Does your website accept payments?
• Are you accepting and transferring sensitive data?
• Do you need to build visitor/customer trust?
• Are you trying to Increase conversions?
• Do you want Improved organic rankings on Google?

As a general rule, if you answer yes to two or more of the above bullet points, you should strongly consider adding a security certificate.

What does a security certificate do?
Simply, it secures data between the website and the servers that host the website.

Are there different types of security certificates?

Yes, there are three types:
1) Extended Validation SSL:  Issuers of this certificate complete a thorough vetting of the requesting organization including their
ownership of the site domain  and other company details.
2) Organization SSL: Company details are vetted but not as extensively as an EV SSL.
3) Domain Validation SSL:  Ownership of the domain is vetted, but not specific company details.

Costs for SSL certificates can vary widely from $30-$40 per year to thousands of dollars.

No security certificate can offer a 100% fail safe guarantee, but installing a SSL certificate may improve search rankings and protect data being transferred between your website and the web servers.

Our recommendation:
Discuss the options with your web developer, evaluate your unique situation and make a sound decision based on your needs.

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