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It’s time for a new website.  You have done the research and learned that one of the trends (some would argue it’s a fad) in website design is the “One Page” website.  The big question,  “Is the one page website right for your needs?”   Let’s review the differences between a one page and traditional websites.

In its easiest form a multi-page website is like reading a traditional book, with its content divided into chapters and pages you flip through   A one page website reminds me of viewing content from a scroll.  It is one long continuous read from the top to the bottom of the scroll.

Is a one-page website right for you?   Generally one-page websites work best for the following situations:

   • One product or message with a simple and short story to tell (How far would you scroll down the page before you get bored and

   • Display high end products with a need for high quality images and special visual affects such as parallax scrolling.

   • One off situations such as meetings, competitions, or personal events such as weddings.

   • Site conversions:  Landing pages for promotions, call to actions such as surveys, and sign-ups are fantastic uses for one page



When should you stick with the tried and true multi-page website?

   • Your business offers multiple products or services.  Consider whether your customers will continuously scroll to find products?  Even with page up and down short cuts in place,  
      searching can be tedious.

   • You have an in-depth story to tell that requires significant education and multiple communications.

   • If your story is rich-media heavy, a multi-page site is usually better for your needs,  based on upload times.

To choose the design that is right for you, determine your objectives,  work with your website developer to decide on the best design, and than don’t look back.   Remember your content (see article “Content is King”) is the most important factor in deciding which design is right for you.

Check out these one-page websites:

NutriBullet:                          https://nutribullet.com/?gclid=CLS_vqq8c0CFcMbgQodR3QFKQ:       

Kit Kat:                                https://www.kitkat.com/android/#/home

Officeline:                            http://www.officeline.se/kampanj/

Composure Collection:           http://getrest.co/

Samui Garden Villa:               http://www.samuigardenvilla.com/

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