What is a Long Tail keyword?

Updated 1.22.18

Long Tail keywords are a set of words – usually three to four words – that are very specific to a topic, product or service.  Finding the correct Long Tail keywords that fit with a customers search can be very effective.   The more specific the Long Tail keywords the greater the potential a search will be matched with your content.  An example of a  Long Tail keyword is “men’s loose fit comfort jeans”,  a very specific and descriptive term that links a visitor closely to what they are searching for.

Utilize SEO optimization tools such as SEM Rush or SE Rankings to understand your keywords are performing.  In addition,  these tools can help you track and analyze your competitors use of keywords in their online content.  Follow a keyword’s performance over time and update content based on your analysis, trade out keywords and adjust how they are being used to try and improve your performance.

Effective use of Long Tail keywords can be powerful tool to help improve your Search Engine Optimization results.

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