UPDATED 1.22.18

A “Keyword” is a word or set of words used by Individuals as they search for content on the internet.  Using keywords in your page or content copy can improve the ranking of your online property and increase the chances of individuals finding your website or content.

Never force or “stuff” keywords into your content, this “keyword stuffing” can have a negative effect on your search engine results placement.  Good content, relevant to the searchers inquiry is still the most important factor in improving search rankings.   For further Content is King information on good content and search rankings, read our article “Content is King”.

Run a keyword analysis for your online assets on a regular cycle (at least every six months, more often is better) to stay up to date with customer trends.   Keywords can become outdated and will leave your content out of touch is not updated on a regular basis.  Stay in touch with your customers, update keywords and content often.

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