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How the Internet is beneficial to College Students

Living in an age of detachable laptops, wifi and the internet has made it extremely accessible to succeed in all of my studies as a first-year university student. Everyday life as a college student revolves around work assignments, researching and reading. Without the internet, I would not be able to reach the level of success that is needed in college.

Being an elementary education major requires a lot of time, research, and reading. Being a “little kid educator in training”, is not just about cutting out shapes, coloring books, and songs, it is about knowing how to turn thoughts into ideas and expanding how the brains of tiny infants to ten-year-old children work. Without the accessibility to the internet, 90% of my daily
readings and research that are required to be successful and ready for the various test that are required to be an educator. The internet is beneficial because of the online library that is used at school. The online catalog is used to find articles, different mediums of research throughout the whole nation and even worldly news. Without the internet, this would not be available to students.

Another reason the internet is a necessity in college is because of a platform called Canvas. Many to all universities use learning platforms like Canvas or Blackboard. These learning platforms house the universities homework assignments, syllabus’ and are also used to direct online classes. In my classes, all homework assignments are due on Canvas. Also, many of the materials I need for class including handouts, articles, and different links are online. Without the internet, Canvas, Blackboard, and other platforms would be nonexistent. Canvas has been extremely beneficial to me because it allows me to access all of my materials without needing a printer and it is only a click away.

Finally, online classes are at an all-time high in education. They are cheaper than on-site classes because it uses teachers and classroom time more efficiently. I have taken two online classes. I have been successful in one, but not in the other. The one that I did not do well in, was a science class and my computer was not working with the site, which caused me to be far behind in the work. With the class, I am in now (also a science class), my computer has been doing great and I am doing well in the class. I have three different websites I use for my online class and it has helped me with my other classes. Having the internet has allowed me to take this online class which provides more flexibility – 24/7 access, submitting homework any time of day.

Having the internet has been extremely beneficial. It allows me to research and expand my ideas on paper, through different sources. Aside from education, it has been helpful when I just want to relax and watch a show as well. College would be much different without the internet and it is a necessity to each and every student whether they are education majors or not. To be a successful student, requires time, patience and a lot of research. I am forever in debt of “the internet” and all its allowed me to do.

Chloe Brinkey
Freshman College Student

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