Four Steps for improving Online Success

The C@PSTONE AdvantageAre you achieving online success?  To ensure your objectives are being met, follow these four steps to measure, analyze and revise your digital marketing strategies and improve your online success. 

1) MEASURE:   Use Google and Bing analytics as well as internal data to track your key operating initiatives.  The key to measuring your online work is consistency.  Once  you set your objectives, consistently track and measure your results to understand your progress.   For larger more complex needs consider a tool such as Kenshoo to manage your online data needs.


  • Set up Paths and pre-defined reports in Google Analytics and Bing
  • Build in options for unforeseen issues (delivery issues, production problems)
  • Pre-determine life cycles of the KOI’s you are measuring

capstone trend research

2) ANALYZE:   Follow your customers navigation through your web property with paths you set up in Google Analytics.  Paths can help you understand your customers experience, where they drop off and the pages they follow to navigate through your site. Knowledge gained from your analytics can help you determine the best strategies to drive your business.

      • Google Analytics                         • See Kenshoo
                Bing Analytics                           •  Facebook Insights

3)  UPDATE: Now that you have new insights from your analytical work, its time to update your online assets to reflect your learnings. 

  • Be sure to keep a record of your updates so you can chart your changes and note trends.
  • Be prepared to understand the differences between visitor experiences and reporting anomalies.
  • In addition to revising content, you will need to change the reporting structure to capture new content and site treatments. Establish reporting periods based on the type of activity you are measuring.

  Ad response rates should be measured on very short timeframes, while organic search measurements are long tail – trends establish slowly – requiring longer windows of time to show results.

4) ADAPT:  Success online is typically an dynamic experience, ebbing and flowing with the movement of the marketplace.  Marketing helps to build your brand and drive increases higher and keep the lows from being as deep.   Consistent planning and a sharp focus on your client’s needs will drive success in your business. 

Measure, Analyze, Update and Adapt your online strategies to successfully achieve your goals.

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