Content is King!

(updated 2.26.19)

“Content is King, Content is God!”  – Gary Vaynerchuk


Defining Context

The technical definition of context is the circumstances and facts that surround a situation. When it comes to content, context is the way you’re publishing, distributing and promoting your content. If you’re trying to connect in the wrong context, it doesn’t matter how good or bad your content is. It’s not going to be read, shared or discussed. The circumstances that surround your marketing strategy is that your future clients are smart, and they’re using NetFlix to avoid television commercials. Even the world’s best content is not an island, and the real key to quality, relevance and profit is making sure your control your future. (Source:  Indound Marketing Blog)

Be sure you are talking about your content In the right context and forum.

Would you talk about the best oil for your car at a dry cleaning site? How about making a great pizza on a healthcare platform?  Great content matters, but the context of your content is just as important.  Context will help the reader understand the meaning of your content.  Are you writing about a “book you have read” or telling the visitor to “read a book”.

Now that you understand your context, write your content.



Develop Authentic, Relevant and Purposeful Content.

What does your content say about your business? More importantly, what does it say about you as an owner, partner or manager? Are you following the same old model as everyone else? Or are you pushing the envelope, daring to be different, real and authentic.

Is your content inspiring people? Or are you hoping the tried and true, “Features and Benefits” model will move customers to work with you even though your story is no different from the next guys. Jason Silva, host of National Geographic’s, “Brain Games” and the You Tube series “Shots of Awe” says that, “Great content trades in the currency of inspiration”. As we expand our presence online, we need to (We work harder to make sure the content we use to fill all of those empty spaces doesn’t become stale and repetitious. Avoid “Corporate Speak” and “Me too” content. Have fun, get excited and share your vision, your customers will appreciate the effort.

Top 5 reasons for creating Real, Authentic, Awe Inspiring content.

Real, authentic content is king!

Does your target audience believe in your content?

1) Great content educates and informs potential clients on your products and leaves them 
 wanting to know more.

2) Authentic content helps define your uniqueness.

3) Quality content is good for SEO! Read more in Google’s Search Engine Optimization
 Starter guide. View Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

4) Inspiring content motivates visitors to return often.

5) Content that is purposeful and matters is just more fun!

Whether your passion is selling widgets or providing a valuable service, find your passion and share it. Articulate your mission through Real, Authentic, Awe Inspiring content that sets you apart from your competitors and excites your customers. Have fun, get excited, share your passions.

Content is King!

Watch Jason Silva’s explain the benefits of creating “wonderment” by jolting yourself out of your routine. “Wonderment” by Jason Silva

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