Chatbots: The future of Online Marketing?

Chatbots are software tools that use artificial intelligence to learn about online preferences, digital usage habits. The traditional use of chatbots has been chat options on websites that are used by customer service teams to answer questions and inform website visitors of new products and services. Foward thinking brands are now using chatbots to gather leads, speed up customer interactions, drive sales and build their online marketing success.

Today, chatbots are more sophisticated with learning and usage capabilities that help brands build customer loyalty and grow revenue. Harper Collins is using its chatbot to recommend books to users based on their reading preferences. Starbucks is helping customers decipher complex coffee terminology and educate users on its products.

Chatbox magazine identifies four chatbox functions brands are taking advantage of to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

1) Lead filtering and identification: Chatbots can help filter real prospects from “online squatters” and feed the contact information for realistic prospects to sales personnel for follow up. (Visit our partner for Lead generation help)

2) Automated responses:  Answer frequently asked questions quickly and efficiently with a chatbot to minimize customer frustration.

3) Information gathering: Gather relevant and vital information that can be useful for sales team follow up.

4) Offer restatement: improve the sales process by:
• Increasing response time.
• Decreasing conversion time.
• Increasing sales productivity.

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