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About Us: Who is C@PSTONE Signature Solutions?

C@PSTONE is a Marketing Strategy firm that uses personal interactions and data-driven strategies that deliver results with real, authentic and purposeful content. We use a process called the “4L’s” (Listen, Learn, Lead and Live) to help build successful programs focused on delivering results.  We believe everyone should have access to the power of the web!C@PSTONE develops marketing plans and tactics based on each client’s needs using authentic, relevant and purposeful content. We work with your internal teams, helping to build consensus and motivating them to work together to achieve success.  C@PSTONE brings over 25 years of Sales, Marketing and E-commerce experience to your organization.
If you would like to learn more about C@PSTONE and my background, please download the attached profile.

Statement of Ethics and Guarantee

We are committed to operating our business to the highest level of ethical practices.We strive to provide our customers with complete transparency as we work to help them build their digital brands. We view our relationship with our customers as long-term partnerships that require trust and the highest level of credibility for both of us to succeed.


As part of our commitment to high ethical standards we practice the following:

  • We always provide written estimates and statements of work, outlining the financial commitment required for the work to be completed.
  • A work plan and timeline calendar for each project will be developed in collaboration with our clients.
  • If a project requires a third party contractor, we share this information up front and will provide contact information if requested.
  • We provide ongoing updates to our clients, as outlined in the work plan.
  • Any assets provided by our clients (imagery, copy, video, etc.) are always considered to be the property of our clients.
  • We do not sell, share or provide our client’s information or assets to any third party unless instructed to do so by our client in writing.
  • We secure all data and assets as outlined by the best practices of our industry
  • We guarantee our work and will do whatever it takes to finish our work to our<
  • We believe in order for C@PSTONE Signature Solutions to be successful, we need to build trust and credibility with our clients.We work hard to deliver on our commitment to high ethical standards and we are confident this effort will help set us and our clients apart from the competition

Give us a call  (336) 638-1651 or fill out our contact form.

Our Culture 

The C@PSTONE team believes the culture of our business is key to our success.  We re-examine the culture of our organization constantly and will intentionally do a “reset” if we feel we have strayed from the roots of our beliefs and the culture we want to operate under.  We believe it is vitally important for our customers to understand how we work and what we hold important.  For C@PSTONE our business is a way of life, not just a job.


Our culture is  built on:

  1.  FUN:
    If the effort we put forth is not fun, why bother?  If it is not fun, it is just work.   Our clients are not paying for work! They can get that anywhere, from anybody, they are looking to C@PSTONE for passion, ownership of solving
    their problem and driving results.
    1. Feel the pain of failure, and realize it is an opportunity to grow
    2. Success does not happen without change
    3. Change builds confidence and our ability to solve our client’s problem
    Honesty is the platform for transparency.  Transparency helps build credibility and trust with our team and clients. Credibility and trust lead to referrals and support from our customers.  It also helps potential clients make better decisions and determine if we are the right digital marketing solution for their needs.
    Communicate, communicate, communicate!  Without good SMAC (Specific, measurable, articulate, concise) communications, none of the other components of our culture matter.

Do your values and culture align with C@PSTONE’s?  Need help with your digital marketing presence?  Give us a call  (336) 638-1651 or fill out our contact form.

Our business is built on customer relationships. We believe diving deep into understanding our customers and their businesses, will make us more successful than any deal based on an unrealistic price.

We have made service calls, worked on shop floors, in retail environments and more; to better understand our customers and why they are successful. We want to experience their passions, hear their stories, and understand their successes and failures. By listening and patiently learning their businesses we can help lead our customers with solid online marketing strategies that will achieve success.

We base our pricing on the following:

  • Time: what is the time commitment required to complete the work
  • Complexity: level of skill and tools needed to develop the project
  • Expenses: the cost to complete the customer’s program

We fully back our work and guarantee its functionality. If there ever is a problem we will work diligently to fix the issue.

If you are looking for a partner who will work with you step by step to achieve your online and digital marketing goals, please give us a call 336.638.1651 or email us at solutions@cpsig.com.

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