10 Tips to improve your Organic Search Ranking

  • Relevant Content:  create relevant content on your website that adds value for your customers. Conduct a keyword analysis to understand what potential clients are searching for online, use these words as appropriate in your content to help you be found.
  • Long-Tail Keywords:  pay attention to long tail keywords. Short keywords typically generate more volume, long-tail keywords have less competition, are more descriptive and generate higher quality conversions
  • Social Media:  extend your brand reach, help customers find the product or services you offer. Search engines love social media and view an active Social Media presence as an active and viable option for searchers.
  • Video:  include video in your online content. Video educates, entertains and is quickly becoming the search preference to build SEO authority. YouTube is now the number two search engine surpassing all other search engines except for Google.
  • Links:  Google values links to your website content. If others value your content enough to link to it, then Google will give it a higher organic ranking. Actively seek out links to your website from other reliable digital marketers.
  • Internal Links:  add internal links to and from your own content on your website. Internal links help build relevancy by highlighting your depth of content.
  • Images:  include images to add visual interest and prove to Google you have content depth and relevancy. Be sure to name your images with searchable text that describes the content of the image. Text embedded in the image is not searchable but the image name is.
  • Fresh Content:  keep your content relevant and up to date. Google searches for current content that is being refreshed and managed consistently. Have good content that has gone stale? Add a new image, update your copy, better yet add a video, re-submit it to Google.
  • SSL Certificate:  be sure to add a SSL security certificate to your website. Word on the street is Google is now taking into consideration whether a site is “secure” as part of its ranking algorithm.
  • Develop and Translate Online content for other countries:  Expand your target audience by creating content for markets where there are less competition and a need for your expertise. Collaborate with local experts and content disrupters to build your credibility and


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