updated January 11, 2022

Using MP4 video in your online assets is a sound marketing strategy to build their value.   High-Resolution video cameras on cell phones have simplified taking videos to the point where it is just “point and shoot”. Add filters, remove red-eye, slo-mo, panoramic views and cropping can be completed with a few flicks of the fingers in just a few minutes. Video services such as Vimeo and YouTube make hosting videos cheap and easy while providing access to audiences in the millions.

Reasons to include video:

      • Humans are visual by nature. A video is an excellent tool for “How To” training.
      • Video uses both our visual and audio senses providing a more impactful experience.
      • Video can be easy to produce and distribute. Use your cellphone to create a simple, fast and impactful video.
      • Video is flexible, wherever there is a subject to shoot, a video can be made.
      • Video can be a fast marketing solution. Shoot a video, make your edits and upload in a manner of minutes.
      • Video is forgiving. Didn’t get it quite right the first time?No worries, try again.
      • Distribution of your videos can be widespread and timely. Launch a video on your website, load to YouTube and Vimeo, post them on all of your Social Media platforms, send it out in an email or snail mail it to customers.
      • Videos can be shared and embedded, increasing their distribution and viewership.
      • Video editing tools come standard on many computer models I.E., Apple’s I Movie which makes editing your self-made videos a snap.
      • Movies are a great way to tell your brand or company story. You can add product or service examples, highlight features and benefits and product differentiation from competitors.

The stats support video as an effective tool to help customers make a purchase decision.

          • 55% of consumers use videos for purchase decisions (Search Engine Journal – SEJ)
          • Video reviews influence purchase decisions(SEJ)
          • 73% of people are more likely to make a purchase after watching video (e-commerce direct)
          • 76% of smartphone owners watch videos at least once per week (e-commerce direct)

Video is a key strategic component in C@PSTONE’s clientele’s marketing resources. Video helps tell their story, educate their customers and drive revenue. As web designers, we always recommend video as a content option for our clients. Video can be included with any screen size, including, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. New Responsive Web design protocols make including video on any website a viable option. To learn more visit our video page. Build brand integrity and consumer trust by educating your customers on the products and services you offer. Showcase your skill sets, and expertise to help your brand stand apart from the crowd with Video. Show your passion – it’s contagious – with authentic, purposeful content. Over the long haul, you will be rewarded with passionate brand advocates that will help build your brand.


Online video resources:

  • Biteable.com: Moviemaker, free to sign up with paid plans.
  • Adobe Spark: A great tool for Adobe users. If you order the Adobe online suite, it comes with the Spark tool.
  • Animoto: One of the easiest and least expensive movie-making tools available.

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